Monday, February 24, 2014

First letter from the MTC!

We were so excited to receive Austin's 1st letter today! He sounds great, and I'm especially relieved that I will not have to follow through with my plan to dress in camouflage and bust into the MTC between my classes on Wednesday in order to assess how he's doing :) I'm taking it as a good sign that all punctuation marks in his letter are either exclamation points or smiley faces (are smiley faces technically considered punctuation? I think so...) Anyway, thanks again for all the prayers for Austin.

Mom and Dad,

So if you are wondering why I have not written you guys yet it's because our P-Day is not till Wednesday here so I might not be able to talk to you guys till then! But I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love you! And the rest of the fam :) Don't cry for me because I love it here :) My companion is beyond cool and everyone in my room is super awesome as well! We all clicked right off the bat and it was super awesome! The Spirit is seriously insane in here! I find as I continue to dedicate myself to the Lord the Spirit is with me more and more! I miss all of you guys so much but my Branch President says that's a good thing because if we didn't love and miss you guys, how are we supposed to go love the people of Cambodia!? I love that :) Please let me know how all of you guys are doing! For good and for bad! Love all you guys to the moon and back!

Elder Steadman (he didn't sign it, he scratched over his missionary name tag so we could see what it looked like)

P.S. Tell Luke I LOVE the picture and I could not have asked for a better one!!! :)
P.P.S. Haven't read your letters yet ha-don't be offended :)

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