Monday, January 12, 2015

A dog eat dog world...

Hello everyone! So this week has seriously just flown right by! Can someone please tell time to just slow down a tiny bit?! I am just starting to get a hang of this language!:) haha This week was super good, but it was also a lot of really hard and hot and sweaty work! haha So last week at the beginning of the week on Tuesday we got a call from the Sisters that are in my district! They called to inform me that they had gone to the mission home to do an exchange to switch companions with each other and on their way back to Stung Meanchey, they had taken a couple of wrong roads and now were totally and completely lost! I asked them to tell me some things that were around them so that I could help them get back home and they told me they were near a bread store, a photo shop and a gas station named Tella. Well, I got what I asked for, but it didn't help too much considering that describes almost every Main Street in Cambodia!!:) haha So I told them to tell me the name of the road that they were on so that I could go out and find them! Unfortunately, I had never heard of the road that they were on but I just figured we would go by the Spirit and my companion and I hopped on our bikes and headed off to go and find them! Well, long story short, we asked a lot of people if they had ever heard of the road that the sisters were sitting on and finally found someone who had and so we followed his instructions and finally found the road that they were on and then we called them and told them to be looking out for us and no sooner had I hung up with them than I heard two girls screaming from across the street! Haha it seriously was a small miracle that we found them because they were in the middle of nowhere and a far ways off from their home! They were very appreciative and even had bought us a soda so that just made the long hunt for them totally worth it! :)

Then later in the week I finally ate dog! Ha I was contacting people at around 7 at night and then there were these people that called us over to talk to them and they were eating this meat and it smelled really good, so I asked them what it was. They told me that it was special meat haha and after I asked some further questions, I found out that “special meat” was in fact dog meat! They offered me some for free and so I could not decline! I am sorry to all of you who are dog lovers! All I have to say is I think dogs are happier when they die over here! It's not such a happy life for them! As they say, it's a dog eat dog world! Or human eat dog world!:) haha

Anyway, the rest of my week was super good! We had some investigators show up to church, which is always just the greatest ever, but we also had quite a few that had to go back to their hometowns to visit their families! We are hoping that they will come back soon so that we can continue to learn with them all!!:) Overall, this area is super good! We have been doing lots of contacting lately because lots of our investigators have peaced out to their hometowns, but our contacting has had a lot of success! There have been quite a few people that we have talked to just on the side of the road that have offered to have us come back to their homes and teach them about Jesus Christ! It's pretty cool when someone who you have never met before in your life feels something that they have never felt before and they invite you to come back and continue to teach them so they can learn more about that feeling and also come to a knowledge of the beautiful message that we have to share with them! I love my mission so much right now! I love being able to be back in the area where I first came when I was brand new in the country. It's so fun to be able to see some of the people from my first area… people I could not really talk to back then because of my lack of being able to speak Khmer at the beginning of my mission, but now I can speak with them and actually understand what they are saying back to me! What a blessing Heavenly Father has given me! I love my mission and I love every single day that I have to be able to preach the gospel to the people of Cambodia! That's all I’ve got for you this week. Hopefully I will have something more exciting to tell you all next week! Until then be safe and have a wonderful week!

Much love from Cambodia!!
Elder Steadman

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