Sunday, February 1, 2015

"Church pills" and potholes

Hello :) So this week has been super awesome! And super fast!! Seems like the cooler the week is the faster it goes!! This week was a week that was very much needed!! The reason why I say that is because the last couple weeks we have not had a whole lot of success with investigators and last week we only had 1 investigators show up to church, which was kind of sad! So we have really been trying to work closely with all of the members so that they can trust us and then give us referrals of people that they know that want to learn about Jesus Christ as well!! Well this week we seriously had like 7 referrals come from the members!!:) It was so awesome to see our prayers get answered so quickly! We are way too blessed over here!!:) Not to mention, all of the referrals that were given to us were awesome!! This week we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to teach everyone at the times that they are available to meet during the day!! What a good problem to have as a missionary, right!?:) Most of our investigators are super busy until the evening, so our day doesn't really get crazy until about 4 or 5 and then it just goes absolutely insane!! It's not even the hot season yet, but I'm still sweating like I just finished a marathon!:) Haha it's a good feeling though, working your heart out to help people come closer to Christ!:)

So one of the referrals that we got from the members was a husband and wife and her three kids! They originally learned with Elders about 4 years ago, but then she had to move unexpectedly and had to leave her house and she did not have a cell phone so they had no way to contact her to find out where she was, so she did not learn for a really long time. Then she met one of our members and the member had the courage to talk to her about our church and then asked her if she wanted to learn again and her response was, "Of course I do! I would do anything to start learning again!" How awesome, right!? When we went over to her house, she kept on trying to apologize to us for not keeping in touch when she moved, but we just told her not to worry about it another second longer! We were just glad that they were able to be found again and have the opportunity to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ again! We taught them the first lesson and lots of things came back to their remembrance, which is pretty cool!:) And then we invited them to come to church this Sunday as well! She immediately said that she would be there!:) Unfortunately the husband works on Sunday, but he said that he was going to do everything that he could do to try and be able to make it to church as well!! Well, when Sunday came around, the anticipation was high and we were as curious and anxious as ever to see who was going to be able to make it to church! We called all of our investigators before church started to remind them and also invite them again so they felt welcome! Anyway, 1 o'clock came rolling around and we didn't see her, but then I got a call from her and she told me that she had been trying to find a ride, but hadn't been able to find one. She said she was going to try and find one as fast as she could and she just called to tell me she was going to be a little late! I told her not to worry about it and that we were just happy that she was going to be able to make it! Sure enough, about 15 minutes later she showed up with her cute kids! She has the fattest little baby… he is so cute! I will have to take a picture with them next week! :) Anyway, her husband was not with her but she said next week he would be able to come because he had requested work off already for next Sunday!! She stayed for all three hours and all the members made her feel really loved, which was awesome! Then the coolest thing happened! At the end of the third hour we had an awesome surprise...her husband showed up!!:):) We were so pumped! He apologized for not being able to make it for worship, but said that he wanted to show us he has faith by showing up anyway!! Man I love my mission!!:) This family is so amazing- it’s not even describable!! We walked him around the church and showed him all the rooms so he would feel comfortable next week when he comes, and then there was a member just hanging outside of the church when we got done, so I introduced him to the member (who was about his same age) and they just hit it off! He told me after, "I already have a friend to sit by next week. I love this church!" I know that this almost just sounds a little too good to be true… Trust me, I know! I had to keep pinching myself just to make sure I wasn't going crazy! :) Haha anyway, that was one cool story that happened this week for us!

Oh and I have a good funny story to tell you all as well! :) So this last week we went to go visit one of the old members of the ward and he is super awesome! He is a little bit out of it because he is like 70 years old, but he is seriously so hilarious!! So the other day we went over to teach him and he was really good at paying attention while we were teaching the lesson, but then when we finished the lesson he told us that lately he had been sick but then he found some "church pills" and these pills had completely cured him of his sickness!! He asked us if we wanted to see the pills! Of course we had to see with our own eyes what these "church pills" were all about! So he went into his house and a few seconds later came back out holding a little bag with pills, which he then handed to me. They were knock-off ibuprofen… I think! Haha he then told me these pills were also "repentance pills". All you have to do is pop one of those suckers and your sins are just cleared right out of you!! So far, this was the hardest it has been for me on my mission to hold laughter in the gut that I just wanted to bust out!! :) hahahahahaha He then continued to tell us that they were LDS certified and if we needed any we could just let him know because his neighbor (not a member...but apparently sells LDS pills) is the guy that sells them to him! Hahaha in my head I was thinking, “Man I wish I knew about those babies a long time ago!! That seems so much easier than the way I was doing it!!” ;);) hahaha Just kidding… but seriously, how funny right!? :) ha He is a little off his rocker, but he is one of my favorite members here because his heart is so sincere and he just loves me to death, which just makes me love him to death right back!! He told me that he looked up my last name on the Internet the other day on his computer (he doesn't have a computer haha) and he said it’s a name of much prestige and he feels honored every time he has the opportunity to even say it! How can you not just love this guy!?:)

Ok, one more story for you all this week and then I'll let you go! Hang in there, I'm almost done!:) Here in Stung Meanchey the roads are notorious for being very VERY bad haha, so when you ride your bike, you always have to be on the lookout for potholes and semi-trucks and crazy moto drivers… it's pretty much like the super old jumper frog game that everyone has played at least once in their lives! Haha except if you get squashed there is no second life!! Haha anyway, so I was riding my bike and I was looking over to my right for just a second and then when I looked back straight ahead there was a huge pothole! And when I say a huge pothole that is an understatement! This looked like a huge meteorite landed in the middle of the road and they removed the meteorite, but never fixed the crater it left in the road! This thing was huge!! From a distance, I'm sure it looks like a road leading down to an underground parking garage.... HUGE PEOPLE!!! Anyway, by the time I saw this cliff it was too late and I just had to go at it straight on! So that's what I did! I was waiting for what seemed like minutes for my front wheel to finally hit the bottom, and as I finally came down I put all my weight on my left wrist and then heard those pops that everyone loves to hear inside your wrist. Haha the pain shot through my body like lightening and I knew it was pretty bad! Well, long story short, I found some tape at my house and I taped it up and now I just ride my bike with my right hand!! It's definitely a bit of a challenge because of the roads, but that's ok because I have always wanted to be better at riding my bike with my right hand anyway!:) Nothing can keep me from going out and spreading the good word!! :):) Anyway, that's my small accident story for this week! :) Don't worry mom, I will make sure and be more careful the next time around!;) Even though these roads are like a nightmare, I would not want to be in any other area in Cambodia right now!! I love this ward and all of the members!! :) I am so lucky to be here at this time!! It's hard to relay in words just how much I love everything about my mission right now! Every hard, happy, sad, funny, and painful thing that happens… I just love it! I love the ride man!! You’ve gotta laugh a little, right!? I mean who sprains their wrist riding a bike, right!?:) Haha I guess that's why my buddies at home call me accident prone!:) Haha well that's all I’ve got for you this week! I hope that you all have a great week and know that I love you all so very much and you are all in my prayers every day!!:) Don't miss me too much… I'll be home sooner than I want!;)

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