Thursday, August 13, 2015

Members & Missionaries

There were a few technical difficulties this week with Austin's letter. When he went to send it, the whole thing got erased accidentally. He found some time later to send a quick update:

Hello family!! How is everybody doing this week!? We had a very good week, but unfortunately I don't have a ton of time to write about it all! I promise that I will have lots of time to write you a big letter next week! So I think that the coolest thing we did this week was taking the members to go and visit less active members!! In church 2 weeks ago we had the lowest number that we have ever had since I have been in this area, so I was super bummed about it and I was just trying to think about what I could do to better involve the members in our missionary work. I came up with the idea of having all of the members meet at the church on Monday and then we would break up into groups and go visit inactive members! So we planned it for Monday at 5 and when Monday rolled around we ended up having 12 members show up to the activity, which was actually pretty good! I was pretty excited!:) We broke up into two groups and then went and visited 4 different families each, so a total of 8 families! They all welcomed us into their houses and were very kind! My companion and I went on a split with the members so that one of us could go with one group and the other person with the other group! Anyway, it was super successful and lots of the people that we met ended up telling us that they would try really hard to make it to church the next week, so that was super cool! And then when Sunday rolled around we had 3 members that we went and visited show up to church!!:) We decided that we are going to make it a weekly activity and invite all of the members to come if they have free time and go and visit less active members!:) Oh, and this week at church we had 15 more people show up to church, so that was super cool as well! Including Ming Vee!! :) She came to the activity to go and visit the less active members too and she encouraged all of the less active members we visited to come back to church! She is so awesome now! There is like a completely different countenance about her and she definitely has the Spirit with her now!:) Well, I think for this week that's pretty much all that I have to share with you all, but I promise that I will give you a better run down next week! Don't be mad at me!! Haha I love you all and I love the chance to be out here changing lives through the power of the Spirit that is given to each and every one of God's servants! Please pray that my area can continue to grow and that the members will get behind us on the efforts in helping the branch grow! I love you all soooo much!!!:)

With love,
Elder Steadman:)

Time for a little clean up around the apartment...

The "after" pics :)

They bought a new trap that works great... this time they caught 6!

See... cleaning CAN be fun ;)

Zone meeting

A sample of his Khmer handwriting... impressive!

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