Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fried brain, jello, and a Cambodian flag

Hello everyone!!!

Wow this week has gone by so fast! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing you all for the first time and now look! It's been 2 times!!! Time just flies!!! hahaha not!!! The MTC is awesome but I will tell you one thing- my brain has never tried to work so hard in its entire life!!! I honestly feel bad for it!!! Like I gave it no preparation for what it was about to undergo! I think it's mad at me right now because it won't retain all of the information that I need it to, but I am sure that it will forgive me eventually!! :) HMM Well I don't know if you guys know this or not but we pretty much do the same thing here at the MTC every day, every week, every hour! haha We learn and sit and then we eat and then we learn and sit and then we eat and repeat that process all day long!!! The food is getting a little painful to be honest! I mean its not like it's changed but I just know if I keep eating what I am eating I am going to be 300 pounds when I walk out of here...or roll out haha. My companion though has managed to find a way to cheer us up in the lunch room! Whenever they are serving jello he will cut the jello from out of the cup and then put it on his tray and then he just sucks the entire thing of jello up in his mouth and swallows it whole! It is just about the funniest thing that you have ever seen! So my favorite days are when they are serving jello! :) Umm, let's see...probably the coolest thing that happened this week was the devotional just this last Tuesday! The speaker's name was Marcos Aiduraitis...or something along those lines haha, but he was seriously the best speaker that I think I have ever heard!! He was so funny and he talked about how the field is ready to be harvested!! I really like that because lots of times you hear that we just need to go and plant seeds! And although that is really important, the scriptures tell us that the field is white all ready to be harvested!! So we need to have courage- be more courageous and more like the trumpet that it speaks of in the scriptures!! :) Don't be afraid to ask people to get baptized!! He also baptized his wife before they were ever together and he told us, "Learn how to baptize on your just might come in handy one day!" hahahaha I lost it!! He was so funny!! I encourage everyone to read D&C 31: 4-7. It's a great scripture!! :)

Reassuring themselves they are "strong" enough to do hard things?
So my Zone is beyond sick!!! Like seriously, I am getting so nervous to leave everyone!! I don't want to leave my district!!! Yesterday our Zone leaders came in to our room and gave us a pass me down, which is just a thing we do in the MTC where you leave stuff for other districts!! It's cool :) Anyways, they came into our room and they gave us a big Cambodian Flag and it is SO SICK!!! We haven't found a good place to hang it up yet but we will :) We have new investigators starting today so I will let you all know how that goes :) Me and my companion are still best buddies!! Realizing more and more each day just how blessed we have been to have each other as companions!! He keeps me laughing pretty much all day which is so nice because then I don't think about home too much! :) Well I'm sorry the letter isn't super long this week- we just have not done anything too eventful! haha We made it a goal this week though to try and do something cool that we can write about so I hope that works out :)

Before I go I want to say thank you really fast to the people that wrote me letters this week!! Hailey- thanks so much for your letter- that was so nice of you! Grammy- I love you tons and I am writing you a letter and will be sending it to my house real soon!! :) Papa and Grandma- thanks so much for your letter and the funny sentences that you attached to it! We all loved them haha :) Aub tell Kade that it was so nice to get a letter from him and I hope that he is just slaying sin out there in.... Crap- I forgot where he is at. haha Told you my brain is fried! Anyways, mom you are so clutch with all the packages!! Just have to tell everyone real quick.....I HAVE THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!! Miss you tons and I sure do miss my Dadio too:) Miss all of our sporting events we used to watch and go to!! You really don't know what you've got until it's gone!! haha But that's ok. I'll be back soon enough to watch some more! :) Thanks for your letter Jas!! :) I will definitely be writing you soon!! Hannah and Aub- thanks so much for your letters that you wrote to me as well! They were a big time pick me up!! And LUKE!!!! Thanks for your Dear Elders big guy!! You have to write me on email so I can have your email because I forgot what it is! But we will be able to talk soon!! :) Keep doing good, buddy, and don't be breaking too many girls' hearts!! :):) Dani- thanks so much for the package :) you made my week and it was so nice to be able to hear your voice!! :):) I love all of you who have shown your support for me being out here!! You are seriously so awesome! Couldn't have a better support group! Can't wait to write you all again!! You are all in my prayers!!! 

All My Love,
Elder Steadman
Austie :)

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