Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First week, no sweat! (haha)

Holy cow first week in Cambodia yo!!!! So first off I have to apologize to you all because I literally have like no time to write!! We went to a computer place this week that ended up not working for like 2 hours, and we have to go to a singing practice thing for the 20th anniversary celebration so I only have like 5 minutes to try to tell you what's going on in my first week!! Ahhhh pressure's on!! haha So first off it is seriously, hilariously hot here!! I sweat when I think about how hot it is here!! haha Pretty much this last week I constantly look like I just got out of the shower haha :) The people here think it's so funny, but they are so nice because they always turn on their fans for me because I am sweating so profusely haha!!

The people are absolutely amazing!! They are so nice to me and they give me a little bit of crap because I don't know how to speak the language, but they are so nice and everyone loves everyone so much, which is awesome!! The kids are seriously so dang cute!! I want to bring all of them home with me! They all make fun of my language and tell me I don't understand Khmer...which I don't, but it's so funny and it's so fun to go and play with them all!!! Everyone loves my white skin here!! Everyone I look at smiles and giggles when I pass! haha Moms turn their babies' around so they can see the tall white guy riding his bike! It's so awesome! I feel so loved :) It's so fun to just go meet different people! Real people with real lives that really change when they come into the Church!! I am so lucky because in just the short week that I have been here, I have already seen people change and become closer to their God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It's so amazing!

Here's my one funny story for you all this week. There is a member named Simong and he is so awesome! We are good friends. But anyway, Simong is trying to learn English and so I decided I thought it would be cool if I gave him a copy of the English Book of Mormon so he could start reading it! In the lesson I said, "Simong, I have a gift for you!" and handed him the Book of Mormon, but what I really said was, "Simong, I have a rat for you!" hahahahahaha He was dying and of course I was quite embarrassed, but you just gotta fake it till you make it here! haha I love the people, I love sweating, and I love my mission!! Thanks so much for everyone's support! I will have a good letter for you all next week when there are not so many computer problems! As well as pictures!!

All my love,
Elder Steadman

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