Monday, June 2, 2014

Language barrier consequences & a monumental celebration

Hello everyone!! :) So for me it has been just another great week here in the Kingdom of Cambodia!!  Right after I got off from emailing last week, we headed to the salon because we all needed a haircut. Before we got there they were teaching me what to say and so I felt very confident in telling the guy how I wanted my hair done! When we got there I told the guy and he shook his head like he understood what I was saying to him, but then he asked me a question and I had no clue what he said. So I did what anyone who doesn't want to look stupid would do... I just said yes:) haha Well come to find out, what he was telling me was that the only clipper size he had was a 2 because all the other ones were being used, so he was asking me if it was cool if he just used that for everything. So I, of course, said that would be just fine :) haha So he started on the top and right when he went through the middle of my head I just could not stop laughing! haha Never in my whole life had I seen my hair that short!! It was seriously so funny!! If I was at home I would have been furious probably, but here it's just one less thing that I have to worry about!! haha I still get startled sometimes when I look in the mirror, but other than that it's pretty nice to have a buzzed head!!

So another funny thing that I learned this week was the word tomada, which translates to regular. When people ask how your day is going, you can just say tomada (regular), which cracks me up because it makes me think of my brother Luke. When we used to ask how his day was going he would always say, "medium" :) haha Well, now he can say the same thing in a different language... tomada!!

Ok, the big news this week is we had the 20th anniversary of the Church here in Cambodia!!! Man this was such an amazing experience to be a part of!! We had to go at like 9:00 in the morning to the event center that it was being held at, and that's like a 35 minute bike ride, but it turned into more like an hour and a half because we took some wrong turns! That's ok because I got to see almost all of Phnom Penh by bike!! haha So we were super tired and sweaty when we got there and they had not turned on the AC yet, so that was super awesome as well! haha We had to go early to practice the song that we were singing in the performance, but then after that we went and got some food at this super cool restaurant that was like all-you-can-eat! We just stuffed our faces until we could not breathe and then tried to bike back for the event! haha That was brutal!

Look in "More Pictures" to see an up-close pic of what he's
pretending to eat... at least I think he's pretending!

The performances and the talks were amazing and the Spirit that was there was unspeakable!! It was so cool to see people from all over Cambodia gathered together as one body to celebrate the wonderful gift of the Gospel in their country! It was an experience I will never forget!! I have come to realize that in America, we just don't get it! haha Everyone is so prideful and to themselves, but here everyone is just one big family!! It is so awesome! It does not matter if they know you or not... everyone gives everyone big hugs and asks about how your life is going and if you need anything! If the whole world were filled with personalities like the people of Cambodia, it would be such a better place!!

With President Moon (the Cambodia Mission President)

Anyway, other than that I don't have too much other news. Bonyaa got her date moved up to the 21st because she is just doing so awesome! It has been so great to be able to watch her grow these past couple of weeks! A bit of sad news is that the Bong Narit family that I love might have to leave because they do not have the means to stay in the city. It has been super hard on me and I really do not want them to go because they are basically my second family and I love each one of them so much, but I know that whatever happens they have strong testimonies of the Gospel and they will be able to overcome their trials!! Anyway, that's all for me this week! I am so glad to be serving here and to be able to have all these wonderful and hard experiences!! I love you all so much! Thanks for all of your love and support!!

Until next week,
Elder Steadman

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