Monday, July 14, 2014

Stayin' in Stung Meanchey baby!

Hello everyone! I feel like I am always surprised each week at just how fast these Mondays keep coming! I am running out of information here folks!!! ha This week was another great life for a missionary!! Yesterday we had transfer calls come in and I found out that I am staying in the area that I am in and I will be working with my companion until he goes home! I was SUPER excited about this because I absolutely love my area and I also love my companion, so it’s pretty much a win-win situation for me right now! :) And this week we were able to find a lot of new people to teach which is super nice because that should keep us busy for the next couple of weeks!

My funny story for the week is we were teaching a group of 4 new investigators that belong to a different Christian church and we were teaching them about Christ's earthly ministry and the things that he did while he was on the earth. I started talking about how he died for all of us so we could live with him again someday. But in all reality I said, "Jesus Christ killed all of us so that we can live with him again someday." They were a little confused at my statement so my companion helped translate. haha Killed and died are similar words here! haha So that was a little embarrassing but I got over it! :)

The cool thing that happened this week was I got to watch one of my investigators get baptized! Her name is Sopia and she is super awesome! Her whole family is already members, but when they got baptized she was just not ready and did not want to commit to something that she did not believe with all of her heart, which I respect so much! We still kept on teaching her and coming over to her house to see if she needed anything. We committed her a couple of times with no success, but then one day she received an answer to her prayers and she knew that this was the true Church and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. So ever since that day she has been coming to church and this week she got baptized by her husband, which was so cool to see! It really is crazy watching people progress from having no interest in changing their lives to having their hearts softened and having enough faith to take that leap! 

This whole experience being here in Cambodia has already blessed my life beyond words!! One thing that I have realized this week is that Heavenly Father has given me so many blessings even though I do not really think sometimes that I deserve them! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father gave me the knowledge of this gospel! Honestly, I do not know what I did do deserve all that Heavenly Father has given me in my life so far, but I am so grateful to Him! I am grateful to have a knowledge of this gospel and to be able to have a knowledge of what I need to do in this short life in order to live with my Heavenly Father forever! I love teaching the people of Cambodia! Even though my speaking is awful and most of the time I just smile and laugh cause I don’t know what is going on, I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to do something as wonderful as a mission! I know that it is sculpting me into the person that I want to be for the rest of my life, and without these experiences I would not be able to grow and learn as fast as I am. I know from the very bottom of my heart that a mission is the very best thing that any young man could do to benefit him in the years coming! There is not any other place I would rather be right now! Sure, I miss my family and sometimes things are hard, but how lucky am I that for 2 years I get to do nothing but just worry about other people! It has given me such a new perspective on life and the things that I want to accomplish while in this life! MISSION LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE!! I love you all so very much and appreciate all of your love and support you have all given me!

Until Next week:)

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