Sunday, July 20, 2014

"The hardest thing I have ever loved to do!!"

Hello Everyone! Well another great week on the other side of the world! :) I wish that I had tons to talk about this week, but there was nothing really crazy that happened! Or there were lots of crazy things that happened and I am just starting to get used to how crazy things are! haha I am not sure which one it is :) But one thing that was fun that I got to do this week was go and play soccer! Last Monday when we got done emailing we found a place that only charges 5 bucks an hour to play soccer and it’s like a super legit field! So we got some Elders and some Members and went out and played some soccer! I don’t think I have ever sweated so hard in my life! haha Playing in 100 percent humidity makes the sport 100 times harder!! haha But it was super fun to be able to try to learn how to use my feet!! I give mad props to my bro Luke! I hear he is just tearing it up in soccer now days and I am very uncoordinated with my feet to say the least!

Another fun thing that we did this week was Special Activities Night! I don’t know if I have told you this yet, but every Wednesday we teach an English class for an hour and a half! It is super fun! :) Anyways, every 6 weeks we do something called a Special Activities Night where all of the missionaries plan a fun activity and we combine all of the classes and do fun activities!! So the activity that my companion and I planned was a sports broadcast about the FIFA World Cup! So all of the members talked about FIFA so we were able to kind of know what happened, and then we made a sportscast on what we had heard happened. The goal for the students was to listen to us speak, and then we had given them a list of questions that were answered in the broadcast, so they had to try to listen to us and find the answers to the questions! It went pretty good except for we had some facts wrong, which confused them a little bit I think! haha So on some of our questions they did not hear us say it, but they already knew the right answer, so they just wrote that down instead haha… we took both answers as correct :)

District pic :)

Other than that this week has been pretty normal! My companion got to do a surprise baptism yesterday! It was the Sisters’ investigator and they forgot to ask her who she wanted to baptize her, and she just pointed straight at my companion! We had to run home to grab some clothes for him and then he was able to do that, so that was pretty cool to see! It’s always such a blessing to be able to watch someone get baptized and enter into that wonderful covenant with their Heavenly Father! Next week we have something called the Pioneer Activity and I am playing the role of Oliver Cowdery, so I hope that I will have a little bit more to talk to you all about next week. 

For now I just want you all to know that I love my mission so very much and I feel so very blessed to be serving here in Cambodia! I also want everyone to know that I know that this Church is true!! I am so lucky that Heavenly Father gave me this knowledge and also gave me the opportunity to come and just focus on loving the people of Cambodia for 2 years! It’s the hardest thing I have ever loved to do!! :):) I love my mission and I love the Gospel!! I hope everyone has a great week! Don’t forget we are all missionaries! Share with someone this week about what you believe in! The very best investigators are the ones who already have a friend in the church to welcome them in! The Lord needs everyone to help spread His work across all the corners of the earth! Love you all so much!

Elder Steadman:)

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