Monday, April 6, 2015

City adventures and a "blonde" moment

Hey everyone!! Well another week down!! This week was a lot of fun as well!! This week I was able to go down to the city in Phnom Penh on Tuesday because I had to go to the physical therapist for my wrist. So while we were down there we had about 4 hours and we did not have anything to do so we decided to go this famous market because my companion had never been to the city. He was “born” (started his mission) in the area that we are in right now and he has not yet left this area so he has not had the chance to go to all of the markets in Phnom Penh, so I took him to the big famous one called Phsaa Thmei. We went in and looked around and then he just went on a buying spree haha and so while he was buying, I was contacting… because if you’re buying their stuff and want to share a small message with them, they pretty much have to listen, so we were hitting two birds with one stone! haha 

After the market I went to the doctor and that was boring ha, then after that we went to the mission home to wait to go to the Assistants’ house because we had to sleep there for the night. Well we had like 3 hours to just be bored in the mission home and so after like 20 minutes I could not take it anymore!! Ha we got some bikes and went out to contact!! So super cool story! We were contacting in this area and then we were thirsty so we went into this gas station to grab a drink and then we sat down next to this guy in the gas station to drink our drinks and he started to ask us some questions. By the way he was asking the questions I knew that he was already Christian! He was super nice and just asked some basic questions to my companion to help him practice his Khmer, and then he started to talk to me. He started asking me some very deep questions regarding our church and some things that he had heard from other people and also things that he believed as well, and we started to have a really deep doctrinal conversation with each other! I was really nervous because he was asking lots of very hard questions and some of them he would ask me and I would not even know how to answer his question, but then I would just start talking and then it would come to me what I was supposed to say to him! It was pretty cool and another confirmation that the gift of tongues is real! So that was awesome and he went from not liking out church and saying that we were people who worshipped Joseph Smith all the way to accepting the Book of Mormon and accepting the challenge to read it and ask God if it was true or not! It was so cool to see how quickly things changed and to watch his face start to light up as I spoke to him! I could tell that he was feeling the Spirit and the light of Christ truly shone in his countenance!! I really hope he will read it and schedule a meeting with the elders in his area!! 

Other than that nothing really happened this week. This Sunday we went to church in the city because every 4th Sunday our group goes to the church in Kampong Cham to worship so they can see all of the members as well as pay their tithing and share their testimonies! It was good, but after the first hour my companion came down with a super bad stomachache so we had to go back home and I played mom for him! Ha I tried cooking...yaaaa lets just say he will be doing the cooking from here on out!! Haha I really did try my best and luckily it was edible, but compared to the great meals he has been making us every evening it definitely did not add up to what we have been having! Haha but now he is all better so maybe there was a little magic in that food I served up!! Ha probably love!!:) 

Elder Xiong: new companion/sushi chef :)

Oh, and one last story I forgot to tell you all last week! So last week was my first week at church and when we went to church I told my companion what hymns we should sing so he could write it up on the board so everyone could know. When the sacrament time came around, we all opened up our hymn books and to my surprise the song was, "The Spirit of God.” Well, I didn't notice until everyone had already started singing so it was too late to change it haha, so we all had very vibrant and excited spirits as we partook of the sacrament haha, and then the closing song was, "He died the Great Redeemer Died" haha :) So even us missionaries still can have our blonde moments!! :) It was a good laugh! Anyway, that's all I have for you this week! I love you all so much! Please keep me in your prayers! Especially my stupid wrist that it will stop being dumb and heal up! Can't wait to talk to you all next week! Much love headed your way!!

Elder Steadman:)
A rest stop... Cambodian style

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