Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello everyone!! Well this week was a super good week for me over here!! I hope you were all able to have a nice week as well over there in the good old USA!! :) This week was a very busy week! It's also a weird type of the season right now where we are not quite past the hot season, but we are also not yet in the rainy season either! So usually in the early morning at like 3:00 a.m. or so it will rain until like 5 or 6 and then it stops, but the only problem with that is when it gets done raining it’s super humid and then the sun comes out so it's very VERY hot and humid right now!! Haha needless to say I have been doing my fair share of sweating here!! The locals always give me crap for how much I sweat, but I just tell them I feel bad that they don't sweat at all so I sweat for them as well as for myself! haha :)

This week we had a lot of success, which was super awesome!! We have an investigator who has been an investigator since before I got here, but this next week she is planning on getting baptized!! She has an interview later this week and then after that she is good to go! So we are super excited about that and just trying to get in as many lessons as possible with her because she is an older lady and so her memory is really not that good. She has such a strong desire to follow though and is always 15 minutes early to church every week, which is seriously like unheard of in Cambodia, so she is super awesome! So we're meeting her lots right now so she will feel comfortable going into the interview! I don't know why, but people here freak out when they hear that they have to get interviewed! Ha it's literally the easiest interview they will probably ever have! They all find that out afterwards, but before they are always nervous! Ha so we just go over the questions that they will be asking them so they will be able to think of what they want to say before they go into the interview! Anyway, please everyone keep her in your prayers that she will be able to remember everything that we have taught her and that she will not be nervous for the interview!! :) Her name is Oum Nuuan!

Easily the most exciting news of this week though happened on Sunday! So every Sunday morning my comp and I go to literally almost every single member and investigator’s houses and remind them that we have church and invite them to come! So this Sunday we went to all of our investigators’ houses (we have 6 now:)) and we reminded them all to come to church! Then went to the members’ houses and we also went to this member’s house that has not been to church in a year and a half, but we have been going to his house the last couple weeks and teaching his family! It's actually the same guy that was in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago! Anyway, so we invited them to come to church as well. Pretty much everyone at the houses we went to told us that they would be able to come, so we were pretty excited!! Well, when we got to church and 2 o'clock rolled around we only had about 15ish members at the church! We were kind of bumming a little bit, but we were praying super hard that more people would show up and sure enough, they all slowly one by one started showing up!! I was smiling from ear to ear watching them all slowly make their way to the church!! And guess what!? We had 40 people at church!! :) My comp has been here for almost 4 and a half months now and he has never seen that many people show up to church!! Usually there are just like 25 or so people that show up, but we have really been giving it our absolute all to be able to help the area grow and we are now being able to see the results of all our hard work!!:) Also, all 6 of our investigators showed up, as well as the less active member that had not been to church in over a year and a half!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?:):) I love Sunday's:):)

This Sunday I was also asked to give a talk! So there were four speakers that were assigned to speak, including me, and I was the last speaker and the three speakers that spoke before me all finished their talks within about 7 minutes!! Haha when it was my turn to stand up, I looked at my watch and saw that there was still 35 minutes left in the first hour! haha I kind of laughed to myself a little bit and stood up to go and give my talk and when I got up to the pulpit, the group leader whispered to me, "I don't have anyone else to give a talk… you gotta speak for 30 minutes...sorry" hahahaha Well, I realized that my two verses that I had prepared were probably not going to be long enough to get me through 30 minutes of talking haha:) I got up to start speaking and as I started to speak, I felt things come to my mind of stories that I could share or things that I could say to try and help all of the members stay focused while I was speaking! Surprisingly, it was so quiet the entire time that I was speaking!! Usually people here just get into little groups and talk to each other during the whole hour, but as I was talking they were all listening so intently! It made me even more nervous! Haha usually you can say whatever you want and they will not remember a single word you said haha, but for some reason this time all eyes were on me! But I was able to fill the time that was allotted to me and then when I sat back down I had a sore throat because for some reason when I speak Khmer for a long time, I get a sore throat haha:) I think it's because it's just a whole bunch a weird sounds that I have not had to make my whole entire life until now! Anyway, the talk went good I felt like and there were some members that complimented me afterwards so that felt good!

Other than that, nothing too big happened this week! Sunday was a super fulfilling day that's for sure!! :) Things are really starting to pick up here in this area and the members are getting excited about the growth as well, so that's super good because when you have the members behind you to help you progress, things go about 1000 times faster than if it was just the missionaries!!:) So yeah, that's pretty much all that I have for you all this week! I hope you all have an amazing week! Don't forget to pray for your boy over here in Cambodia!! He sure hasn't forgotten about you all!!:) Much love headed your way from the Kingdom!!:)

Love, Elder Steadman
Does this mean his wrist is better?

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