Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Busy busy busy!

Hello everyone!!:) So I'm sorry that I did not send out an email last week for you all to read, but I was just a little bit too busy skyping my awesome friends and family!!:) It had been SO long since I had seen some of their faces so getting to see them last week was such a huge blessing and confidence booster! I can't wait for when we can all be reunited again in a few months!:) It was also awesome to see my family and all of their cute faces! It had been a couple months since I had seen them so it's always nice to be able to talk to all of them and hear their laughs and see their smiles! I have the best family and friends in the whole world! Thank you! I love all you guys!!:) Anyway, that's the reason why I did not send a home email last week, but this week we are starting up again with the weekly letters!!:)

This week was a lot of fun! It was super crazy, but it was good because when it's busy it's fast! This week, as you know already, we are having to go back and forth from one area to another area so it's a lot of driving and literally no time for rest! Ha on Monday morning last week we drove to Kampong Cham and had p-day over there and played some soccer which was really fun because I have not played in a bit so it felt good to sweat a little bit...oh wait, I sweat all the time haha it just felt good to be out in the sun... Oh wait... Ok it just felt good… you get the point!:) haha We stayed in Kompung Cham all the way up until Wednesday and then Wednesday evening we drove to Brae Choe to teach English class up there and teach some investigators from English class as well, and then as soon as we got done with English class at like 7-ish at night we had to catch a bus back to Kampong Cham. We slept there for the night and proselyted there on Thursday as well, and then on Friday morning we went to Brae Choe and were there all day on Friday, but then on Saturday we had to go back to Kampong Cham because we had a baptism!!:) Yay!!:) He is super cool and we actually had an investigator show up on Saturday to watch the baptism! I was so pumped! This investigator is a stud! His name is Pu Mao and he has been learning for a couple weeks now! Just this week he asked us if it would be ok if we met every single day so that he could learn as much as he can about Jesus! He also told us that he loves the way that he feels when he learns with us and so he wants to feel that every day! I thought that was pretty cool and we told him we would be happy to meet him every day that we are in Kampong Cham!!:) On Sunday he also came to church in the morning! It was so cool to see him dressed in a nice button up with his hair combed over! I could just picture him as a future priesthood holder!!:) And so yeah, the baptism was super good and then right after the baptism we went and taught some lessons in Kampong Cham and then we slept the night there and then we went to church in the morning there and we had 3 investigators show up to church so that was pretty cool as well!! Right after the first hour of church in Kampong Cham we had to peace out because we had to drive back to Brae Choe so that we could get to a lesson and then go and remind all of the members to come to church in the afternoon!! Unfortunately, there were not a whole lot of people that actually made it to church in the afternoon! I think it was because it was super super hot that day and so people felt too lazy to leave their houses and come to church! Haha but on the bright side we had 3 investigators come to church in the afternoon, so I felt pretty good about that!!:) Overall, I feel like both of the areas are still progressing! It's a lot of work to be worried about both areas and all the investigators, but I am happy that I have the opportunity to be able to be helping two different areas at one time! Not a whole lot of missionaries get to do that during their mission so that's pretty cool!! So life is good right now! I love being a missionary and I love being able to share this wonderful message with a people who deserve to hear it more than any group of people in the world! It's so cool being able to witness people change their lives in order to follow Jesus Christ!! I love this gospel! I love this country and I LOVE my mission!!!!:):):) As always, I am praying for you all!!!

Much love!!:)
Elder Steadman!!:)

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