Sunday, May 24, 2015

Forget Red Bull... The Spirit gives you wings!!!:):)

Hello everybody!!:) I hope you all had a very great week! For me it was just another fast and busy week over here in Cambodia!!:) There was nothing really too big that happened to us this week! We have finally managed to figure out our schedule so that we can meet with people at times and on days that we are actually in their specific area!! :) haha if that makes sense? I'm sure this whole two-area thing is super hard for you guys to understand! I'm sorry about that! I try my best to explain the whole situation, but even to me it's kind of confusing so I am sure it's quite confusing for you all back at home! Just hang in there 4 more weeks with me and I think next transfer I will just be in one area!:) 

So something that was cool that happened this week was on Wednesday for English class we had 21 people show up!!:) haha I was so pumped! Just a month before we only had 4 people and then the transfer I came in there were 0 people coming for an entire transfer, but now we have 21 students!!:) It's so awesome and even though most of them are super young, it's still super cool because we always teach a 30-minute spiritual thought after we have taught them English! The people that have been coming since I got here know how to pray and know a lot about what we believe in this church! So even though they might not all be investigators, they all are learning about Jesus and are remembering the things that we are teaching them so that someday they will have a desire to learn more! I like to think that I'm just doing some seed planting for some missionaries that are going to be here in a few years!!:) So that was super fun and I told the students in English class that we have a goal of 40 people attending English class by the end of this transfer so I will have to let you all know how that ends up going! Stay tuned!:) 

Anyway, the rest of this week was super good! We have an investigator in Kampong Cham and his name is Pu Mao! He is soooo awesome!! He was more than prepared to hear and accept our message! Every single lesson he just has the biggest smile on his face as we are teaching him and this week he asked us if we could meet him every single day that we are in Kampong Cham because he loves the way that he feels when he learns with the Elders! I of course said yes! We have a baptismal date scheduled for him for the 6th of next month and he makes sure to remind us every time that we meet with him that he is getting baptized on the 6th! Ha such an amazing guy! I can just see him being an amazing priesthood holder in a short couple of months!:) We have some other investigators that will be getting baptized on that same date as well, including Ming Touch and her two kids and Borey as well so it will definitely be a very exciting day!:) I think that this is probably the hardest that I have ever worked on my mission being in charge of so many things at one time, but I also feel like my load is being lightened by my loving Savior! I can feel His hand in this work and on the days where I feel like I just don't have the energy to bike out to the next house in the middle of the afternoon in the scorching heat, suddenly I can feel a surge of energy running through me, lifting me up as if I am being lifted up by unseen angels, and then I can keep on going and keep doing the work that He has set out for me to do! Forget Red Bull... The Spirit gives you wings!!!:):) hahaha I feel soooo unbelievably lucky that I have the chance to be able to come to Cambodia and give The Lord my absolute all to serve the wonderful people here! I know without a doubt that Cambodia has a very special place in Heavenly Father’s heart and I feel so lucky that he has trusted me to come here and share the most important message that these people will ever hear!! Cambodians have had a very hard history and it brings joy to my heart that I can bring to them a message of happiness that can truly bring eternal happiness and give them hope for a brighter future! I have the best mission in the whole world!:) I don't know how I got so lucky! I love every single thing that my mission has taught me and I will never be able to forget the things that I have learned and seen out here! I know with all of my heart that this is the true Church of God once again restored onto the earth and that he has once again called prophets again on the earth, just as he has done in every dispensation, to be our leaders, to guide us safely down the pathway that will lead to eternal life with our Father in Heaven! I am SO grateful for eternal families! It brings unexplainable joy to my heart knowing that I will be with my family after this life and that one day I too will have a family of my own that I will be sealed with for time and all eternity as well! There is not a greater gift that our Heavenly Father could give to us than the gift of eternal families! I love my family!:) I love my life! I love my mission!:) I hope all of you have a very good week! Know that you’re being prayed for!!:)

Much love headed your way!:)
Elder Steadman:)

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