Friday, April 18, 2014

Change in plans...

So… come to find out, Austin has been sick pretty much the whole time he's been in the MTC. They've tried multiple rounds of antibiotics for his strep throat, but have finally determined that his tonsils have to come out :( He is taking the news like a champ. Quite frankly, a lot better than his mother! He will be getting surgery on Monday and will be delayed getting to Cambodia by a couple of weeks while he recovers. He will stay at the MTC and will miss heading out with his buddies, but he's definitely trying to look at the bright side. His teachers have promised to come give him one-on-one language training while he's recovering, which he says he can really use! AND April is apparently the hottest month of the year in Cambodia, but now he won't be there till May :)

This week when we emailed, I asked Austie if he had any Easter requests (thinking of an Easter package). His response was, "No Easter requests!! Jesus already atoned for all of our sins so that's about as good as it gets as far as presents go for me!! :)" He's so dialed in… I think he will make the best of the situation. Thank you for everyone's love, support, and prayers for Austin. He is having a wonderful mission experience, and I have faith that Heavenly Father will be with him through this little bump in the road.

Elder Strep Throat's Mom

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