Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Officially tonsil-less

Austin's tonsillectomy went well. The doctor said this next week will be a painful one for him, so I'm sure he will appreciate our continued prayers in his behalf. Joel and I were able to be there before and after the surgery, and it was wonderful to see him and to get to meet Elder Quirante, as well as his other two roommates (Elder Vu and Elder Tran). In addition to learning Khmer and the gospel, it sounds like they have found plenty of time for practical jokes and loads of fun! He has truly made the most wonderful friends in the MTC!

Austin is now recovering at the MTC. They are anticipating that if his healing goes well, he will leave to Cambodia on May 6th. Today is the day that his group leaves to Cambodia and that he has to say goodbye to his brother, Elder Q. My heart is hurting knowing how much his heart will be hurting today. I know that he is where he wants to be though, and that this is just a little delay, and that gives me comfort. Before we left the surgical center, he asked Joel and I if we wanted to say a prayer. He then asked if we would mind if he said it in Khmer. It was so beautiful to hear him pour out his heart in his new language; I am the proudest mom on the planet!

Austin and Elder Q before his surgery… they
think they are very funny! They're right!!!

Austin looked down as he was laying in the bed and was thrilled to notice his hospital gown had a pocket. He said to Q, "Elder, get me my badge so I can rep it during the surgery!!!" And he did :)

He was a little worried that the anesthesia would make him forget all of the language he has learned the past nine weeks. In truth, he was mumbling things in Khmer before he had been in the recovery room even 5 minutes! As they were wheeling him out to the van to take him back to the MTC, he was busy teaching Joel and I about some insights he had recently about the Book of Mormon and committing us to try harder to seek out opportunities to teach the gospel. How I love my cute little missionary!


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