Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Love the "adventures... in store for me every day!"

Hello everyone:) Well, another amazing week here in Siem Reap! This week was the big split of our Branch! President Moon came down and did the split! We were super worried about church attendance because about 1 hour before church was about the start it just started down pouring! When we got to church and were waiting in the Sacrament room, we watched in amazement as more and more people made their way into the room! When I counted after Sacrament we had 213 people at church! The highest church attendance recorded in Siem Reap! It was soooo cool to see all of the members gathered together one last time! I'm not gonna lie, I was a little bit sad because I will no longer be proselyting in the area of some of the people that I have come to know and love. So it’s goodbye for now, but I am sure I will get to see some of them every once in awhile! 

As far as other exciting news that happened- this Sunday we had 3 baptisms! The baptismal service was very spiritual and I had the honor of giving one of my investigators baptism! They were all so ready and there is no better reward than seeing your investigators, the people you have come to know and love, dressed in all white:) So yeah, this Sunday was filled with lots of really great memorable events! As far as the update on the cool family that we found, three of them found work in Phnom Penh, which is sad because we will not get to keep on teaching them here, but it’s happy because they have been looking for work for a very long time and have not had any luck. When they were talking with us before they left, they shared with us the reason they think they have been able to find jobs. They said that receiving the knowledge about Jesus and having the opportunity to obey some of His commandments opened up the opportunity to receive blessings, and for that reason they were able to find jobs! They told us that they were going to continue to learn with the Elders in the city and attend the closest church to them! They are so awesome and I hope that everything works out for them! :) As far as the rest of the family, they are all still progressing and all came to church yesterday! :) 

Ok, so I do have one funny story for you all this week! So on Wednesday we went out to eat at this restaurant and as we were eating, there was a group of "women" that came and sat down right next to us. Well it turns out that these "women" came from Thailand, and at one point in their lives they were not "women" haha I hope you’re all catching my drift here:) haha Anyway, to be honest some of them would have fooled me! The only thing that gave it away was when they started talking...then it became quite obvious that these were not, in fact, women haha Unfortunately, some of them were very good at speaking English and spent the next 30 minutes complimenting my different features. Of course my companion thought that it was hilarious so he took his sweet time eating his meal! ha I could not get out of there fast enough! Anyway, when we left and were riding our bikes to the church, we passed a billboard and, up until that day, I had never noticed it. It was a billboard of a Broadway type play and all of the actors were standing together! Every time I passed that billboard before I thought that it was just a bunch of "women", but as I looked closer this time I realized that all of the "women" who were hitting on me in the restaurant were, in fact, the actors of that play! hahahaha I guess if you have to get hit on by cross dressers, they might as well be famous cross dressers! haha

Well that's all that I have for you this week folks! Love serving in Cambodia and having all the fun, different adventures that it has in store for me every day! Love you all! Have a great week! :)

Elder Steadman :)

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