Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Awesome newbies

Well, this week was another good week over here in Cambodia! This week I have been just a little bit under the weather with a cough and a stuffy nose, but I think that the cold is finally on its way out of my system!! This week was the first week with the two Branches in Siem Reap meeting at separate times because last week was General Conference and we still met all together!! This week at church was a little bit crazy to say the least! For our Branch President, it was his first time getting up and standing in front of the congregation and the poor guy was nervous as can be! On top of that, his first counselor (who was the old Branch President) was out of town on business so he was riding completely solo!! He also had to sustain half the branch into different callings, which took a good portion of the meeting! ha And then, to the shock of the congregation, he called two people up to speak that until that very moment did not know they were going to be speaking! haha How awesome!! After the meeting, we explained to him that usually we call a week in advance and extend the invitation to stand up and speak in Sacrament Meeting! He is doing so awesome though! Here is some crazy information that will tell you just how young the Church is here in Cambodia… he is still a recent convert!!! He has not yet hit a year of being a member in this Church and has been called to be the Branch President!! He is doing so awesome, especially considering the small coaching that he has been given! In this Church we really like the philosophy of just kind of getting thrown into the work and you will figure it out as you go and learn and grow! He is so humble as well! Always willing to listen to the missionaries’ advice and acts on what we have suggested he could do!!! He is a natural leader and is going to do amazing things for the Church here in Siem Reap! So this Sunday was a little bit crazy, but you could expect nothing less for the circumstances that we were in!

My companion and I did not have investigators show up to church this week, which was a good wakeup call that we really need to kick it into high gear and start working a lot harder! With me being sick, we have not been able to do as much as we wanted, but this next week we are really going to put forth some effort so that we can do better at helping people continue learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! But this week we did get 3 new investigators! When we were riding our bikes one day, this Lokpu (what they call every middle-aged man) called us over and told us that he always sees us and has always wanted to ask what we are doing, but never dared. But today he had the nerves to call after us and ask us. We then told him that we were missionaries and we go around teaching about Jesus Christ, and we asked him if we could come to his house again and teach his family and he was more than willing to have us over again! They have since learned three times with us and are loving learning about the Gospel! The other investigator that we found this week came from a referral given to us by one of my recent converts! He lives with one of his buddies and has been sharing the gospel with him and finally his friend agreed to meet with us! He is super cool! He has never learned anything about God ever in his life, so we teach really slow and make sure that he understands everything before we move on, but he is also progressing very well and we are looking forward to the opportunity to keep on teaching him the Gospel! :)

The work is still progressing like crazy here in Cambodia! We have just fallen a little bit behind this last week so we are going to work double hard to get back on top of things! I love how busy it is though! It’s so much better to be busy than to wake up and not know for sure what you are going to be doing for that day! It truly is a blessing in every way that I have been called to serve in Cambodia! I love it here! The people, the food, and the weather...ok sorry, that's a lie...still not used to the weather yet! All in good time :) This week’s letter is kind of short and sweet, but I want you all to know that I know this Church is true and I love being a missionary!

Until next week! :)
Elder Steadman

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