Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lots of love... and a little crush

What's up party people!!:) It's just me again with my weekly update for my 9 religious followers!! haha :) This week was just another great week here in the Kingdom!!:) This week involved a whole lot of preparation for this upcoming week because we have 6 people scheduled for baptism! We have 2 people getting baptized on Saturday that live in Kampong Cham (Pu Mao and Bong Hain) and then we have 4 people that will be getting baptized on Sunday that are from my other area in Brae Choe (Ming Touch and her 2 kids, and then Borey). So this week we have an insane amount of interviews and we also have to be able to do the interviews in two different areas and according to the times that they can meet so it's gonna be kind of crazy, but that's ok! Crazy just makes things go fast!:) So if you would not mind I would love if everyone could put those people in your prayers that everything will go well and that everyone will be able to meet at the times that we have planned so that they will be able to receive baptism this week!! All of my investigators are just so awesome! We were supposed to have 2 more people getting baptized this week as well, but they just have not been able to meet with us the last couple weeks so we are going to wait a couple more weeks until we can finish teaching them and then they will be able to get baptized as well!! Both of our areas that we are in right now are doing super good! The only hard thing that we are running into right now is that we just have no time to be able to go and find more people to teach! We are so busy trying to meet all of our investigators and our recent converts that we just don't have any time to actually go out and proselyte and try to find more people to teach. It's kind of sad because I really enjoy that part of missionary work, so hopefully in like 3 weeks after the transfer ends they will re-split the area so that I will have more time to be able to find more investigators!:) But yeah, as for me and my week that is pretty much it! We kind of had a boring week this week! I'm sorry!!

Oh, one kind of cute thing that happened to me was that when I went to church in Kampong Cham there was this little 4-year-old little girl that was sitting right in front of me in the chapel and she kept on looking back at me and she would just have on the cutest little smile... so finally after about 5 minutes of that I waved my hand over and told her to come and sit in the empty seat right next to me. To my surprise, she actually came over and sat down by me! Usually some of the kids that age are a little too nervous to sit down by us Americans or they will just be too hyper and won't sit still for more than like 2 minutes before they are off running around! But this girl was just different from all the other little kids! She came and sat down by me and literally the whole time sat right next to me! And the cutest part of it all was she would sit down for like 5 or so minutes and then all of the sudden she would stand up and give me a kiss on the cheek and give me the cutest smile you have ever seen and then sit down!! I seriously have never felt so loved by a little girl in my whole life!! After she had kissed me on the cheek 4 times she started trying to go for the lips so I had to explain to her that she had to wait to kiss on the lips until she was married! Then she just looked at me all serious and asked me, "Did you wait?!" Hahaha that one caught me off guard!! That is one smart 4-year-old!! I didn't know exactly how to answer her question, so I just told her that she was cuter than me so she had to wait until she was married! She seemed somewhat satisfied about that answer because she stopped going for my lips and just stuck with the cheek!!:) Anyway, I took a picture with her so that you all could see how cute she is as well!! The members that saw her giving me kisses were poking some fun at me, but they thought it was very cute as well! So… I think I might have a 4-year-old that's in love with me!! :) haha and I think I might have a little crush myself!! Haha just kidding!!:) But if I could take her home to America with me I totally would!!:)  

Anyway, that's pretty much it for me this week! I love my mission and I love that I am able to be out here at this time in my life! I feel like with each day that I am out here, I get a little bit better of an understanding of the plan that God has for me in my life! I love my mission SO much and would not trade the wonderful experiences that I am having out here for anything in the world!! I love being around the people of Cambodia every day! I love speaking Khmer!! Like I seriously love speaking Khmer so much! I love talking with the people and being able to understand where they come from!! There is not a better place in the world to come and give two years of service to my Lord and Savior!!:) I love you all so very much and hope that you all have a very wonderful weekend!!:)

All my love!:)

Elder Steadman
អែ៊លឌេីរ ស្តេតមិន

His buddy Carson is in the Liahona!

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