Monday, June 15, 2015

Cold chills and transfers

Hello everybody!!:) Well another week down in the books!!:) Not going to lie to you all though, this week went by a little slower than it usually does! Not because it was a hard week, but actually because I was not able to go out and proselyte as much as I wanted to! I got super sick this week ha :( On Monday I came down with a bad cold, but I battled it out all the way until Thursday and then on Thursday I could not muster up the energy to walk outside so I rested for a little while and my comp made me some eggs and toast, but the bad thing was that the eggs he made were rotten... He obviously didn't know that, but I sure did when I came down with a serious case of food poisoning!! Haha ha 103-degree fever!!! I think that's like a new record for me!! Also, I experienced having the cold chills for the fist time here in Cambodia!! That was super weird because it was super hot and I was freezing cold! I think it was the first time that I was not sweating in my armpits outside since I walked off the plane here!! Hahaha My comp tried talking me into going back home for the rest of Friday, but I refused until the evening time when we were done meeting with everyone and by that time I was sick in a very serious way!! I ended up having to stay in bed on Saturday and the only time I got up was to go and try to use the restroom, which felt like about 110 times!! Haha Also, our electricity went out that day too!! Which was fine for when I had the chills, but when my fever finally broke and the chills stopped, boy was it hot!!! Haha not a whole lot of sleeping went on for me that night!! :) I did most of my sleeping on the ground that night because our ground is tile so it's s lot colder than my bed so that helped me be able to stay a little bit colder during that very toasty night!! :) haha But the amazing thing is now it's Monday and I feel as though it was all just a dream!!:) I am back in perfect health! I'm sorry if I scared you momma bear!:) Just know your boy is back healthier than ever now!!:) I am sure the quick recovery had to do with the prayers that you all send out my way as well, so thank you all so much for keeping that one kid in Cambodia in your prayers!!:) So obviously this week we were not able to meet with as many people as we would have liked to, but I am glad it was just one week of being super sick rather than being stretched out over a long period of time!:)

As for exciting news, this week we had transfer calls!!:) So to be honest, I was really hoping that I would be able to be companions with Elder Quirante just because I love the kid to death and we would do insane work together, but God had other plans in mind for me! I am going to be training again!!:) Haha Third times the charm I guess, right!?:) It looks like I will have to wait to be companions with Quirante until after the mission when he is living with me!:) ha But anyway, I don't know my new comp’s name yet because I have to go and pick him up at the mission home on Thursday or Friday when he arrives from the MTC… I'm not sure which one! But I will be staying in both of my areas still! That hasn't changed and it looks like it won't be changing for a while either!! Haha That's ok because I like being able to come to Kampong Cham to see the Elders over here and to get to be with them more often! :) Overall, I am really pumped about the transfer call! :) I will be excited to know what kind of kid my future comp is! It's weird not being able to know anything about him! Usually you get someone who has already been in the mission and so you can ask people who they are and get to know them a little bit before you actually meet them, but with this training thing you don't know who they are until you shake their hand for the first time! :) haha So it should be pretty fun! I am excited that I get to stay in my area and continue to be able to help the members grow in both of my areas! I love how the Lord is stretching me in the work right now! I know that He is helping me become a better missionary and also helping me become the man I someday want to be (a.k.a just like my dad at home:)) That's pretty much all of the news that I have for you all this week, but I am sure that next week I will have lots of exciting pictures and news to tell you all about my new companion!!:) I love you all so much! I appreciate your prayers! I truly can feel them every day! I love my mission so much and love that I get to go out and share a special message with a special group of people every day of my life!! Missions do not get any better than here in Cambodia!!:) I love you all and am sending lots of prayers your way!!

With love,
Elder Steadman

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