Sunday, August 3, 2014

A (not so) boring chapter

Hello everyone! :) Well I am just going to be straight up honest with you all this week! I got to the computer place to write to you all about how fun and amazing my week was here in Cambodia, but the truth is this week was a pretty regular week!! ha We all have them right!? I mean I’m sure all of you thrive off of my crazy adventures every week, but I can’t supply you with amazing material every week! It’s just not possible! ;) I mean have any of you read a book and just been like, “Man! I loved every single chapter of that book!” The answer is probably not! There are always a few chapters that are a little boring and you read just because you are already halfway through the book! Am a right!? :) (Besides the Book of Mormon and Bible… all those chapters are good!) But I am very sorry to inform you all that this is one of the boring chapters! haha Now this does not, however, mean that this was a boring week for me! I actually quite enjoyed this week! We did lots of contacting and had a lot of lessons and that was super awesome because I love the people that I am teaching, and even more than that- I love teaching the Gospel! This week was a fantastic week to be a missionary! But not so fantastic to read about in a letter home!

I guess actually I do have one cool story that I can share with you all for this week that I just remembered!! This week we had the opportunity to feel like missionaries that serve in America!! So let me explain:) We were walking down a row of houses and we stopped at this house because there was a guy outside washing his moto and so we stopped to talk to him and started into a gospel discussion. It turns out that he was actually already Christian and had been for over 5 years, which was pretty cool to hear! Then the crazy part happened! He said, "Man it’s hot out here! Why don't you guys come inside and you can share your message with me?" We were both shocked! I think our faces looked similar to the faces of Cambodians when they find out that we can speak Khmer! haha Anyway, of course we accepted his invitation and we went inside! We taught him the first lesson, and as we taught the Spirit was very strong! It was such a great blessing because right before we went up to that house, we found out that 2 of our investigators we were teaching had moved back to their home country and could no longer learn, so my companion and I were kind of down about that. But then we found this Family (Dad, Mom, Daughter, Grandma) who have been prepared before we met them by God! He spiritually prepared their hearts to hear our message and I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father trusted me enough to put them in my path and let them hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ through my weak and imperfect mouth! The miracles of God seriously never cease to amaze me here!

I seriously feel so unworthy for all of the things that Heavenly Father has given to me the last couple months of my life! I did not know that someone could receive so many amazing blessing in so short a time period! It helps my testimony grow stronger and stronger each day that I really do have a Heavenly Father, and not only that, but He knows who I am and He cares about what I do! That is my testimony to you all this week! I know that God knows each and every one of us perfectly!! He knows exactly how we feel inside and we can feel of His comfort through the wonderful gift of prayer!! This was a gift given to us so that when we have those hard days we can get on our knees and pray for comfort and He will be there! And when we have the amazing days we get on our knees and we thank Him for all of the blessings that He has given us that day! And when we have a normal day we get on our knees and ask Him for things to help us become stronger and thank Him for the things that make our life easier! We have been given so much! Especially in America! You don't realize just how lucky you are until you go to a 3rd world country and see just how happy these people are with next to absolutely nothing! It truly is amazing! I don't know exactly why Heavenly Father trusted me with the gift of the knowledge of the Gospel in these Latter-Days, but I am determined to try and show him as hard as I can how grateful I am for this knowledge by spreading it across Cambodia with all of my heart, might, mind and strength!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!! I hope you all have an amazing week!!

Much love,
Elder Steadman:)

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