Sunday, August 10, 2014

Keep on keepin' on in Stung Meanchey

Hello everyone! Well just another great week over here in Asia! :) So I guess I will just get right into it this week! I just got a call from the Assistants to the President! For those of you that do not know, this is my companion’s last week here in Cambodia! He leaves Friday but he leaves in between transfers, which means that transfer calls came a little bit early for me this transfer. Luckily though I am staying in the area that I have been in! This is a huge blessing because I love the members and work so much over here, and I really wanted to be able to stay a little bit longer so I am super happy about that! I will be in a threesome for 2 weeks (until the real transfers end) and then I will be getting another transfer call to see if I go or if I stay another transfer here in Stung Meanchey!! I am pretty bummed to be seeing my companion go! He has helped me so much over these last couple of weeks! He knew the language super well and was always so willing to help me try to improve my Khmer every day! I am definitely going to miss that!

Elder Schleede

As far as investigators go, the person that I want to talk about this week is Srei Ohn! She has been gone the last couple of weeks because she went to go visit her home country for a while! My companion and I were kind of nervous to have her gone for so long, and we were a little bit worried that she was going to forget all that we had taught her over that last couple of weeks! Christianity is a completely new thing for her so everything that we taught her was completely foreign and new to her! Anyway, the day that she came back we went to go meet with her and we went into the lesson just planning on reviewing all of the things that we had taught her so far. But then when we asked her the questions about what she remembered, she basically recited from memory all that we had taught her! It was SO awesome! One reason why it was so cool is because she knows that she has a bad memory, and so every time she prayed she would always pray that Heavenly Father would help her remember the things that she had learned with the Elders. It was super cool to see her prayers being answered right in front of my eyes! She says that she prays every single day and when she prays most of her family will laugh at her while she prays, but she does it anyway. And then she told us that one day after she was praying, her sister said that she wanted to learn about Christ as well, so that was super awesome to be able to have her example touch one of her sisters enough to want to learn from us! She (Srei) is going to be getting baptized this week and I cannot wait for Sunday to come already!

I love the work that is happening here in Cambodia! It’s growing so rapidly!! So many more people know about Jesus here! Whether it is from us or from other sects, people are gaining knowledge that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them so very much, which is a message I feel so very honored to share with these humble people:) I love my mission! :) And I love all of you!

Until Next week! :)

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