Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tie-dye bloopers & changes ahead

Hello everyone!! Wow these weeks are just flying by!!! Ok so this week I think I will start out with a funny story! Well actually this is more of just an Elder Steadman is an idiot story! haha So on Tuesday I decided I needed to do some laundry because I was starting to run pretty low as far as clean clothes go! ha So I threw a huge load of whites in and then headed out to proselyte for the day! Well when I came back at the end of the day, I went upstairs to take out my clothes and to my wonderful surprise I had left a couple of pens in my instead of coming home to some nice clean white shirts, I came home to some nice clean tie-died shirts! haha They look pretty good for shirts I could wear after the mission, but not for while I am on the mission. They just do not look too appropriate! ha Needless to say, I have learned my lesson on checking all of my shirts BEFORE I put everything in the wash rather than just throwing everything in without looking! Ok so there is Elder Steadman's blonde moment of the week! haha 

"Yeah, it is dung! My neighbors just had it spread all out right next
to our house for like a week haha! Smelled awful! Still there haha :)

As far as investigators go, this week I want to talk to you all about Sopoan! He is an investigator that actually came up to us and asked if he could learn! So we have been teaching him this past week and he is so awesome! He has two cute little kids that love to sit and listen to the big white people speak khmer as well! :) The coolest part is that every time we go and teach him, he gets a pen and a paper out and takes notes the entire time, asks us to repeat ourselves so he has time to write it down, and then he studies it in between the times that we meet so that he can remember everything that we have taught him! He is pretty much a dream investigator!!! He is keeping all of the commitments that we have given him as well, and is reading the Book of Mormon and praying every single day! It’s pretty cool to be a part of watching this young man change his life for what he truly believes to be right! :) He has a baptismal date scheduled for this next month and every time we go over to visit him, he makes sure he is still ok to get baptized on that day haha he is so awesome:)

As far as other news goes, this week was transfer calls!!! I found out this week that I am getting transferred! Not going to lie, when I found out that I was leaving Stung Meanchey I was super bummed because I have really just fallen in love with all of the people that live here and was hoping that I would be able to stay for one more transfer! But then I found out that I am headed to Siem Riap, which is pretty much where every missionary in the mission dreams to go to! There are only 6 missionaries that serve in this area at a time, so the chance of serving there in your mission is not very likely. So when I found out that that was where I was headed, I was super excited for the opportunity to be able to go there and serve! Siem Riap has one of the 7 wonders of the World called Angkor Wat, and it’s only a small bike ride away from my house which is pretty cool! :) Overall I am super excited to be able to go see a different part of Cambodia, but Stung Meanchey will always have a very special place in my heart!

Well, that’s all of the information I have for you this week! I am sure next week I will have some cool pictures and hopefully some cool stories as well! Loving my mission so very much and so excited to continue helping the people of Cambodia learn about Christ in Siem Reap! Sure love you all!

Until next week!
Elder Steadman:)

Austin says he can actually read this! It says, "The holy day is a
day to rest and also to worship."

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