Monday, August 18, 2014

Golden investigators and high 5's

Hello everyone! :) Well this week has been kind of crazy! Unfortunately this week I had to say goodbye to one of my companions. I was lucky enough to be his very last companion on his mission and he was so awesome! He taught me so much about how to be a good missionary and also to go as hard as you can until the very last day of your mission! He was an amazing example to me and I plan to model much of my mission off of his! So obviously since my companion left I got put in another companionship and luckily I did not even have to move houses! I combined with the elders who were already living in my house, so now I am in another threesome! These next couple weeks are going to be kind of crazy because we are running both areas for 2 weeks until the actual transfer happens, since my old companion went home a couple of weeks before regular transfers. So now the 3 of us are in charge of 2 areas and that just keeps us super busy which is really good:)

These pics are from Elder Schleede's goodbye party

This week I had 2 awesome things happen! The first was on Tuesday. We were walking into one of our Member’s houses and, as we were walking in, a guy came walking up to us... weird I know... and asked if he could learn more about our church. We continued to tell him, “No, we do not do that. If you want to know more you can look us up on our website,”......hahaha SYKE!! We were super excited and set up a time to meet with him! This Saturday we went to go teach him the first lesson at his house and he took notes the entire time we talked and asked lots of amazing questions and then we committed him to be baptized at the end of next month and he accepted!!! Oh just wait, it gets better! He showed up to church this week with his two little kids! They tried to stay for all 3 hours but the littlest kid (age 3) had had enough for the day so they went home, but he was well fellowshipped by some of the ward members and told us that he is very excited for when we get to come to his house and teach him again! His wife is not yet interested in learning from us, but he says that if we keep on coming and she sees him get baptized, he has faith that she will want to follow after his example! I LOVE CAMBODIA!!!

So if that was the end of my week I would definitely say that it was an amazing week, but it wasn't!!! This week we also had a kid show up to English class that Elder Schleede and I had contacted earlier, and after English class we invited him to come to church this next Sunday! He was so appreciative and asked if he could meet with us...we continued to tell him that that is not in our job description and he would have to find some other guys who had dedicated 2 years of their lives to teach about Jesus....haha SYKE again!!!! The only day he can meet is Sunday because he works every other day besides Sundays from sun up to sun down, but he came to church like an hour early to learn and then we met him after church to teach him some more and then we had baptisms later that day and he attended that too! So that was like 6 hours of church but he loved it! We invited him to be baptized and he said, "So wait, when I get baptized that means I get to follow Christ for the rest of my life, right!?" We said yes and he said, "Oh yes! Thank you so much Elder." I gotta say this one more time! I LOVE CAMBODIA!!! The people are so ready to receive the gospel here it’s insane!! I love being able to be just a small part in the Lord's big plan to spread the Gospel all across the world, and more specifically all across Cambodia! This is the true church! I know it with all of my heart and I feel so very blessed to be able to work for the Lord here in the Kingdom of Cambodia!!

Ok, so this week I decided to go with the funny story at the end of my letter! So this week on Sunday before church, my comps and I went into the Church to go and grab a drink of water and then to go to our next appointment. The Bishop’s kids were running around in the halls and as they ran past me I put my hand up kind of high for each of them to give me a high five. One by one (3 of them), they all jumped up to give me a high five and then as the last kid ran past me, he saw that my hand was clearly too high for him to reach, so he decided to give me a below the belt five instead! haha Needless to say he put me out for the count! haha So the end of that story is we were a little late to our next appointment and I had a bit higher voice during that lesson then I usually do! I love you all so much! Prayers coming your way from Cambodia!

Elder Steadman! :)

New companions: Elder Myers (center) and Elder Khem (right)

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