Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Deliberate disciples of Christ

Hello everybody!!:) Well, I hope you all had a great week over in the good old USA!:) We had a great week here in the Kingdom!:) So this week we had Zone Conference, which means that President comes from the city and teaches us! So our zone has two different areas in it. The first one is Kampong Thom, which is where I am serving right now, and then the second area is Kampong Cham, which is where I was serving before the place where I am serving right now! So President had us drive to Kampong Cham to meet all together as a zone so that was kinda fun because I got to see some of my old members from my other area!!:)

Then on Saturday morning we had Zone Meeting and it was super awesome!! President talked about his vision that he has for this mission that he wants to focus on for the couple of years that he is here and his vision is helping missionaries become Deliberate Disciples of Christ! He said lots of us were born into the church, which makes us what he called Accidental Disciples! Now the word accidental makes it sound like that's kind of a bad thing, but he continued to explain that it's not a bad thing to start out as an accidental disciple! If you look at the New Testament, when Jesus called his disciples they were not learned men that were well educated according to the world, he just picked ordinary fishermen! Do you think that when they were called to be Jesus's disciples they were just immediately transformed into deliberate disciples of Christ? Of course not! They did not fully understand the process that they were about to go through! They did not know that they were going to become deliberate disciples, therefore they started just as most of us do… as accidental disciples! Then President continued to explain that moving from an accidental disciple to a deliberate one is part of the process a lot of us who are born into the church or have been members since we were very young must go through, and that's not a bad thing. It starts to become a bad thing only when we do not work at becoming a deliberate disciple of Christ!

Well, in order to know the difference between the two you have to know what both of those words really mean! The word accidental could be explained as something that was not expected to happen or something that you were not expecting, whereas the word deliberate means something that is full well known or something you do that you have full knowledge and desire to do. So then President asked us, "What kind of missionary do you want to be!?" I think with the intensity in his voice and the spark he had in his eyes, it lit a fire under each and every one of us! He explained that his goal is to help all of us become Deliberate Disciples of Christ and he said that if he can manage to do that, then he won't have to worry about the work because the work will do itself! I think he hit the nail right on the head because when you are a deliberate disciple of Christ you are given power from on high to do His work, and when you are given power from on high you are able to touch the hearts of your investigators in a way that you could never do by yourself!! We talked about some things that we can do each and every day to become deliberate missionaries and then we had a small discussion about things we have done on our mission to try to become deliberate disciples!! It was probably the best mission conference that I have had on my whole mission! It really just made me want to keep on pushin’ and keep on trying all the way until the end! I loved seeing the passion President had as he taught us and I could truly tell that he really does care about us and really does want us to become the best people that we can possibly be! I love him so much!

Anyway, the conference had so much other amazing stuff that happened, but it's just too hard to tell you everything that happened! Just know that it was amazing and I am trying to become an even more deliberate disciple! I invite all of you to do the same! Don't just do the basics because you have to do the basics, but do them because you want to do them! Pray and ask Heavenly Father what you personally can do to become a more deliberate disciple of His! I promise that if you ask, He will answer!! He is just like any parent, always wanting to help His children become the very best that they can possibly be!!:)

Church was also super good this week! We have someone on the calendar to get baptized next week, so keep him in your prayers please because he is going to be getting interviewed this next week! His name is Soklae and he is 20 years old! He is the biggest goofball in the world haha, but he is super smart!! He has really bad cross eyes and he makes fun of himself too sometimes and he has always got Quirante and I laughing!:) His parents don't want to learn, but they are letting him learn so that's pretty good! Everything should go just fine with him, but if you wouldn't mind keeping him in your prayers just in case that would be great! Anyway, that's all the news I’ve got for you all this week! I love you all so much and I hope that you know that!!:) If not… you do now:)

Elder Steadman

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