Monday, September 14, 2015


Hi everyone, this is Mindy. We got to email a bit with Austin last night and he sends his apologies, but he did not get a home letter written. He's been quite sick this last week (it sounds like with flu-like symptoms) and has pretty much just had to stay in bed. Anyhow, he didn't feel like he had much to report, but I wanted to send this update so that all of us who love him can be praying that he will be able to overcome this illness quickly so that he can return to the missionary work he loves! Also, he and Elder Quirante are in charge of moving everything in the current missionary apartment to a new location so prayers that they can manage that would also be much appreciated I'm sure.

I'm attaching a few pics... all but one were taken a week ago on p-day when they did a little sightseeing. I guess the tree-climing one means his wrist is feeling better? The last one, taken since he's been ill, had me a bit concerned. I asked what in the world those marks were and he said, "Oh it's just a Cambodian thing they think helps when you're sick to release all the toxins". That sounded like midieval bloodletting or something, which did not ease my panic. I was worried they had scraped him with something and remembrances of my time in Ghana teaching HIV/AIDS prevention and the importance of sterile razors, etc. were swirling around in my head. When I shared that concern he responded with something like, "Oh my gosh, you're such a nerd!!!" and then proceeded to explain that Elder Q had administered the "treatment", which apparently  involved icy hot and rubbing a coin on your skin... much preferred to scraping with unsterile objects :) He assured me the marks are nearly all gone now and that he seems to be on the mend. Still not sure I'll embrace the "treatment" the next time I have the flu!

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