Thursday, September 10, 2015

Members and missionaries

Hello everybody!:) Well, I hope that you all enjoyed your week over in the good old USA!! Elder Quirante and I had another great week here in Kampong Thom!!:) So this week was pretty much the first week that we were actually in our area for the whole week and we were able to go out and do work every day! I feel like now we know a great part of the members here in Kampong Thom and they all know us now so it's nice not feeling like the new guys anymore! :) One cool thing that happened this week was that we got permission to teach English class two times a week instead of just one! So Elder Quirante and I will be teaching one class on Saturday and the other Elders will teach another class on Wednesday!!

Oh yeah, and I just remembered something else that happened this week! So we were just doing our regular studies on Tuesday and then we got a call from the Senior couple from the mission office in Phnom Penh and they told us that they were on their way to our house right then and they wanted to meet with all of the Elders when they got there! They did not tell us why they were coming, so as you can imagine we were very curious as to what exactly they were coming here for! Well, when they showed up they took two steps into our house and then told us that we would be moving to a different house! I was caught way off guard by that one! They said that it was direct orders from President Christensen! Our house is about a 15-minute bike ride from the church and President said that he wants us closer than that so that we can do more proselyting closer to the church! So we went to go look at our new house and it's soooooo nice! I could not believe it at first! It seemed a little too good to be true, but I guess it's really going to happen!!:) So on the 13th we are going to have to start moving our stuff out of the old house and into the new house. I am assuming that's going to take a couple of days to be able to complete, but it should be pretty fun!!:) And interesting, considering there is no such thing as a moving truck here in Cambodia!! Haha wish us luck!!:)

Another cool thing that happened this week was we got 6 new investigators and we had 5 potential investigators who agreed they wanted to learn, but we just have not met them yet!!:) The work seems to be blowing up right now so that's pretty awesome!!:) I really just love this area so much! The members are constantly giving us referrals for people who want to learn and it makes the work sooo much easier and more efficient!!! We had 9 investigators show up to church as well, so we had big smiles on our faces all through sacrament meeting!!:)

This week I truly have gained a testimony about the importance of member missionary work!! When the members are working with the full-time missionaries it is 10 times more productive work than anything just the missionaries could do!! I know that when we share the gospel with our friends and family sometimes it can be very scary because we don't know how they will react or what exactly we even want to say to them, but I have learned and bear testimony to you all that when we open our mouths with faith and share about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ the Spirit WILL testify what we are saying is true!! He will not hang us out to dry when we are speaking of eternal truths!! He will ALWAYS confirm that what we are sharing with them is true as long as we too have faith and believe that the things we are saying are true!! You cannot convert someone above your own conversion! I invite you all to share what you know to be true and I know that as you all do this, your testimony will grow! I know because my testimony has grown immensely out here on my mission and that is because I have the opportunity to share what I believe with others every single day and so every single day my faith can grow just a little bit stronger than the day before, but I know that you don't have to be a full time missionary to be able to help your faith grow a little each and every day! All you have to do is exercise your spiritual muscles every single day with the basics like reading the scriptures, praying, going to church, sharing the gospel with others and much more! I love this Gospel! I am grateful that Heavenly Father gave a perfect gospel to an imperfect church filled with imperfect people, but people who try, and a church that tries! Like we heard in General Conference, we are Latter-Day Saints and a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying! I encourage you all to keep on trying! I promise that you are all doing SO much better than you think you are! Cut yourself some slack! You’re an amazing person!! Rely on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and you can NEVER lose!! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!

Much love headed your way!!:)
Elder Steadman:)

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