Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thank heaven for guardian angels...

Hello everybody!! Sorry to you all that I went missing in action last week!! I was down with a really bad sore throat and some pretty good migraines, but the good news is I am alive and better than ever!! I got all healed in perfect timing too! As you know already, I was not feeling good last p-day so I took the day and pretty much just rested up as much as I possibly could because the next day we had to move houses!! Now for those of you who have been on a mission and have seen what Elders’ houses look like when generations of Elders have been in there, you will know that this was no easy task!! Ha not only were we moving out our stuff and the furniture, but we were also junking everything that past missionaries had left behind!! Needless to say, we found the expense of buying a hobo can (just one of those big tin barrels) one of our smartest purchases throughout the entire moving project!! It was not easy! As soon as we got done exercising on Tuesday morning, Quirante and I went out to go and find a truck that we could rent for the day and after a little while of aimless bike riding (you just don't realize how good America is people!!) we found a guy that said he would let us rent his truck and after arguing him down 40 dollars, we had ourselves a deal!! Because we are white we are very susceptible to getting ripped off by people on prices, but we know how to speak their language so we have got an upper hand on all of the other foreigners here:)

Anyway, it was raining all that morning so we were really hoping that the rain would stop so that we would be able to move all of our stuff without it getting soaking wet! Well luck was on our side because as soon as the truck that we hired got to our house, it stopped raining! We thought that it was going to take at least three loads to get all of the stuff out of our house, but because we are all geniuses and Elder Lauritzen used to work for a moving company, we got it all in just one load!!! It was stacked way higher than the walls of the truck so all of us had to climb on top of everything and hold it down and then when we passed electricity wires we would have to lift them up so it would not hit our stuff and tear the electricity wires off of the pole!! (Insert from Mindy to all concerned mothers out there: I have since explained to Austin that he is lucky to be alive and made him swear never to touch electrical wires of any type again!) Haha it was pretty fun I'm not gonna lie! It was a little scary at first, but we got some pretty funny looks from all of the Cambodians as we were riding past them sitting on top of all our stuff!! Not a picture they see every day I'm sure!! Haha anyway, so we got all of the stuff into the new house in perfect time because as we were bringing it all in it started raining again, but everything stayed dry for the most part!! So that was probably the biggest activity of the whole week! I love our new house so much and soon they are going to be laying cement outside so we will have somewhere to exercise and that will be awesome as well!!

We had lots of investigators show up to church this week which was really cool because we ended up having to go down to the city earlier this week because Quirante had to go to the dermatologist because he's got a weird rash all over his body! So we really were not in our area a ton this week, but it was really cool seeing some of the investigators that we did not meet this week still come to church! It really shows their faith! But yeah, for this week that's pretty much all of the new news I’ve got for you folks! Hopefully this next week we can just have a normal week for once and get a ton of missionary work done!! Ha I love you all so very much!

Elder Steadman:)

Just another shopping day at the local market :)

The new digs!

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